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Your Web Site is the face of your business on the Internet. For that reason it must always be kept updated and in perfect operation. Andamio have different Maintenance Services that helps you keeping your Web Site in the best shape.

Web Maintenance

This service is focused on the maintenance of your Web Site contents. It includes updating of text and images and the creation and removal of pages in your Web Site.

You only need to send the update request via e-mail explaining the desired changes and our team takes care of executing and publish them the same day or the next working day.

The Web Maintenance service is the most convenient solution for your business because you don't need to have dedicated personnel working on this task and you do not need technical knowledge.

Software Maintenance

Great dynamism and constant change is observed in the Web. There is a natural tendency for users to expect more and more from the Web Sites and the software applications. More functions and more automated tasks should be available, systems should adapt to the business changes and it should be more and more easy to use.

All the software developments of Andamio have the option of Software Maintenance service. This service includes technical support, error corrections and automatic implementations of improvements in software.

Services Operation

Launching a Web Site requires that your business provides their users with support and attention, in the same way that you provide customer service in a physical location or on the phone.

Advanced functionality in your Web Site require special attention. Andamio offers you the Services Operations solutions in order to support the Web Site users when that task is too heavy for your organization.


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