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The development of a Web Site goes beyond creating an attractive image. The benefit for your company of having an effective Web Site is the increase in productivity and sales.

Designing a successful Web Site requires the consideration of the following 3 pillars:


The first pillar is the Content. The content is comprissed of the texts, images and any other information published in your Web Site. Those contens must be: 

  • Relevant - publishing information that is not of the interest of any of the users should be avoided. Many times companies publish information such as the internal company organization that is in most cases irrelevant to the Web Site users. In other cases the selection of the information to be published is made just to satisfy the wishes of a certain person or group in the organization and does not really address the users' needs.
  • Complete - each of the published topics must be complete, avoiding empty pages or with very little information. In case it is necessary links to other Web Sites should be included to provide a complete information.
  • Web Optimized - it is not the same to write or show an image in the Web than in the television or a magazine. Each media has its own characteristics and the contents to be published in your Web Site must be optimized for the Web environment.
  • Updated - an outdated content turns automatically in an irrelevant content. Andamio's Web Maintenance Service you can keep all the contents of your Web Site always updated.


The second pillar is the Organizational Structure. The way in which the contents are structures and connected must make sense from the point of view of the different users, based on the different tasks that the users are to perform in the Web Site.

The design of pages and the navigation conception must allow the users to find the information they are looking for and to achieve the tasks they are set to perform using the Web Site, in an easy and speedy manner.

An organizational structure that does not support the fast location of information or the easy completion of tasks is a great problem for the company, because users will become frustrated and will abandon the Web Site.

Graphic Design

The Graphic Design is the third pillar. It must be attractive and consistent with your company's image, but also, it must allow users to easily locate information within a single page, and inside the whole Web Site.

An excesive emphsis on graphical design monopolizes the user attention and make it harder for them to focus on the important information, therefore making their journey through the Web Site much more slower. At the end it must be understood that users do not visit a Web Site to admire the art.


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