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Andamio Comunicaciones, established in November 2001 in Caracas, Venezuela, has as its mission to offer its clients professional services and products that allow them the access and full utilization of electronic communication channels with their customers, providers, allies and employees.

We are convinced that improvements in communication lead to an increase of the productivity in any organization. When the amount of information that we handle is growing every day, it is vital to implement systems that allow the adequate use of that information.

We see Internet and other digital technologies as the perfect tools for the management of information, while never leaving behind the human component of communication.

Our company is formed by a team of young professionals in various areas of engineering, computer sciences, graphic design, and communications, that combine their views, energy and knowledge in order to produce the best solutions for your company.

As a business we strive to better understand our clients, recognize their needs and find the best solutions. We commit ourselves to make those solutions work and maintain them in time, and never forget the touch of personal attention. We will make sure technology serves for a better communication with your environment.


What means "Andamio"?

Andamio is Spanish for Scaffold. Since the founding of Andamio we have recognize that technology or communication is not an end but only a mean. A scaffold serves as a base, tool or aid for building great towers. In the same way, communication and technology must serve your organization achieve more, reach farther.